Ethics and sustainability

company ethics and responsibility for materials research - felisi

Brand philosophy

The vegetal “vacchetta” leather trims, the real brass, the hand sewings, the noble materials, are blended in prefect harmony to create unique collections. A top quality product, born in Ferrara in 1973, which never stopped growing, nourished by truly peculiar precious details. We are all responsible for the future of our planet and Felisi is engaged since 1973 with the use of natural leather and slow craftsmanship, beaten by seasons. Haste is the enemy of nature, which follows her pace.

Material research

Brass is recycled by naval scraps, leather as food industry waste, vegetal tanning processes, lack of glues: all of this makes Felisi sustainable, from the past to the future. When you purchase a Felisi product you embrace the Brand philosophy, the essential shapes are emphasized by the top quality of materials and precise craftsmanship, crafting a special accessory, in perfect harmony with the person who wears it.

company ethics and responsibility for materials research - felisi
company ethics and responsibility sustainability over time - felisi

Sustainability during time

Style and substance must collaborate to make the products longlasting and always up to date. Not mass production but only scheduled production ad hoc for our clients, ensuring a meticulous check of the production chain. There are several manufacturing processes: from the materials quality check, to the creation of the product with limited use of solely ecological and water glues.