company processing experience - felisi


The experience of a small craft workshop that has evolved in Ferrara, bringing innovation and youth together with the maturity and experience that can only be acquired and shaped with time. The skillful hands of the women who work here move gracefully around the laboratory to a melody performed with virtuoso precision, ensuring the thickness of the leather is just right, smoothing the corners and supervising the finishes, threading the needles through the right holes with a dexterity and expertise only tradition can bestow.


Natural hide, today combined with modern materials and shaped by contemporary trends, is crafted by skilful hands in the same way saddles once were, making it just as hard wearing. Style is born of tradition, and this is why each Felisi article is unique, numbered so as to allow the firm to trace the type, model and year of production.

company processing experience - felisi
company processing experience - felisi


The material used is the primary ingredient in the process, from the vegetable-tanned leather hides to the tiniest of studs. A small selection of long-established, tenacious suppliers with a passion for their craft provide the genuine brass parts, exclusively designed and shaped by hand for Felisi.