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The vegetal tanned leather is closely tied to Felisi DNA. A resistant, tenacious, natural leather, that changes in time. The leather veining is the essence if its beauty. The ancient tanning recipe of this leather has been handed down though the ages, precious legacy transmitted from one generation to the next. A longlasting material that changes with the use day after day, personalizing itself and becoming witness of your daily adventures.


The Felisi proposal for new materials renews itself season after season. However there are essential fabrics that are always present in the collections. Such as technical nylon, available in a huge color range, or cotton canvas, such as the “Olona” canvas, taking its name from the river Olona where it was traditionally weaved and produced and where it is still produced now, as then in the same way. Tradition turns into innovation: materials with natural look are studied to grant top technical preformances.

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Metal Parts

All metal parts are made in real brass. Why? It is a resistant, unique and technical material, used for the metal details exclusively designed for Felisi. Like the leather, essence of the Brand, also not polished brass changes by using it in time, adapting to its owner.

Seasonal Materials

Every season Felisi suggests a selection of sophisticated materials for those who love to be always updated with the last fashion trends. Discover the collection and get inspired.

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